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Digital printing, offset and flexographic high-definition Cortepack

Cortepack offers complete production cycle of boxes, cartons, containers, packaging, display and display in a box: The company is involved in every stage of production, from printing to the coupling, the die-cutting and gluing. Production is assisted by CAD design and a prepress and digital imaging graphic. [...]

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Posted by Valentina Incerti in Entertainment / Portals on 30-09-2015 10:09:48

Mustards and jams: an ancient flavor for a new flavor and a new use

An ancient flavor for a new flavor and a new use: keys to success of have always been the choice of using only fresh fruits and engage in craftsmanship but with innovative tools. is an innovative natural production of mustards that bring to mind the mustards that were produced once. [...]

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Posted by Valentina Incerti in Food / Restaurant on 21-07-2015 07:07:04

Construction and transformation of industrial and commercial vehicles

The company Silor deals with industrial vehicle outfitting and equipping of commercial vehicles and construction and installation of a wide range of finishing members tailored for industrial vehicles. Some of the products are flatbed, carpets, upholstered side panels, wheel covers, protective coating cabin, profiles and other components derived from wood, aluminum and rubber. [...]

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Posted by Valentina Incerti in Cars - Automobiles / Components on 20-07-2015 08:07:30

Rovatti, conveying clean water and sewage treatment

Rovatti Pompe, owned by Rovatti family, manufactures and develops centrifugal pumps for submersible and surface installations. Over the years the Company has diversified its activity from the production of pumps for agricultural applications to include pumps for industry, drainage, and sewage. [...]

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Posted by Valentina Incerti in Mechanics / Pumps on 20-07-2015 06:07:09

La Quiete Park: an oasis of tranquility at the Lake Garda

La Quiete Aquatic Park is a water park located in the middle of the beautiful landscape of the hills of Lake Garda. It includes several pools that recreate an oasis of peace and tranquility and an area perfectly equipped for leisure, entertainment and sport, to allow everyone to enjoy a day of relaxation and fun. [...]

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Posted by Valentina Incerti in Holidays / Hotel on 29-06-2015 07:06:06

Green for interior and exterior of companies, offices, banks, hotels, shops

The company HW Style began business providing hydroculture plants for interior design. Later, with the acquisition of an increasingly important and demanding such large banking groups, the company extended its range by specializing in the design of green outside. The wide range of contractual HW Style allows you to choose the solution that best suits the specific needs of the customers: desi [...]

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Posted by Valentina Incerti in Mechanics / Irrigation Pumps on 23-06-2015 09:06:20

Fair of the italian excellence of the food and wine sector

Each year, at Cosmofood, a fair dedicated to the excellence of the food and wine sector about 400 exhibitors national and international, divided into 6 areas: Food, Wine, Beer, Equipment, Catering, Area Bio & Vegans. [...]

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Posted by Valentina Incerti in Company / Alimentary on 16-06-2015 09:06:03

Rejves: customized machinery and products for packaging industry

Rejves srl was founded in 2002 by the initiative of Renzo Vesentini, strong 30 years of experience at leading companies in the packaging industry (filling, capping, labeling and packaging facilities complete). Each packaging company has needs and problems related to the product and to the particular sector: Rejves customize their machinery and products with targeted solutions in respect of t [...]

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Posted by Valentina Incerti in Mechanics / Components on 12-06-2015 09:06:03

Long experience gained in the production of ovens for pizzerias

The company is the only KUMAFORNI to provide rotary kilns with plates under constant heat for all pizzerias. The products are the result of continuous research KUMAFORNI the technical team, always ready to deal with the needs and requests of customers more careful. [...]

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Posted by Valentina Incerti in Food / Restaurant on 10-06-2015 10:06:44

Edilteco: thermal and acoustic insulation for all customers

Improve thermal insulation, acoustic correction, rehabilitation, dehumidification and fire protection in buildings and for the reduction of energy consumption in ensuring respect for high quality standards and an increase in performance: this is Edilteco. The company partners with organizations around the world to achieve local production under license and to provide know-how, technical and [...]

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Posted by Valentina Incerti in Mechanics / Components on 10-06-2015 09:06:22